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The provision for GENDER change will be coming soon.

Change of Partnership


  • Goverment of Odisha have started Online Gazette Publication Service Under 5T Charter.
  • All applications for Gazette Publication regarding Changes in Partnership will be processed online through this e-Gazette Portal to provide hassle-free services to all citizens in quick time.
  • Office of the Inspector General of Registration, Cuttack has been integrated in the e-Gazette Portal for verification of the documents and for the reducing the processing time.
  • Applicants can pay the fee for Gazette Publication of their Changes in Partnership online through this portal.
  • The published Gazette can be downloaded through this portal for convenient of the Applicant.

Document Details:

  • Previous Partnership Deed. (Scanned Copy)
  • Deed of Reconstition Partnership Firm. (Signature of all partners/parties is mandatory,photo of all incoming partner should be in the Reconstitution deed) (Scanned Copy)
  • IGR Certificate. (Scanned Copy)
  • Pan Card of all changing partners in one file. (Incoming, retiring) (Scanned Copy)
  • ID Card of all changing partners in one file. (Incoming, retiring) (Scanned Copy)
  • NOC/Notice of retiring and outgoing partners/Death Certificate. (Scanned Copy)
  • PDF/Scanned Image of Challan Form V.
  • Full Page Original Newspaper Advertisement. (Scanned Copy)
  • Notice to be published in Gazette. (Microsoft Word)